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Proposing a New Approach to Applying Pervasive Computing in Agriculture Environments


Mohammadreza Mohammadrezaei, Mahsa Fathi, Nima Attarzadeh


Vol. 11  No. 9  pp. 101-105


The resource management in agriculture environments is very important. Using smart controls will be one of the most eminent ways of managing. These resources such as water and plant nutrition. In this paper researcher are going to present a special program in which provide necessary resources for growing plant by using data sensors based on environment conditions. Firstly, it is gained a few data from soil, climate and plant conditions by using sensors and made context by processing all the data. In next stage the presented approach will do its own calculations on the basis of conditions. It can be said that researchers are used fuzzy logic for calculations because of complex data. Then researchers by using actuators can make decision for environment. In this paper, because of injecting nutrition on the basis of its conditions in to soil and plant necessary, plants can frequently use suitable quanta of nutrition and won’t be on stress danger.


pervasive computing, agriculture environment, sensor network, fuzzy logic