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Simulation of Intrusion Prevention System


S.S.Chopade, Nitiket N.Mhala


Vol. 11  No. 9  pp. 106-110


The security of data becomes more important with the increased use of commercial application over wireless network environments there were several problems of security in wireless networks due to different types of attack and intruders. There were better methods an intruding handling procedure available for fixed networks. But it was difficult to analyze attacks in the mobile ad-hoc environments. The reason is that there is no central point to control all the activities in the network and dynamically changing network topology and behavior and limited power level of mobile devices, attacked by intruders because unauthorized use of wireless network so that the whole network will be suffered from packet loses. With the help of intrusion detection system we detect attack after when attacker affect the network, we presented an approach to handle such type of internal attacks for wireless network from the beginning though attack is present in the network but because of our prevention system that attack not affect the network. We report our progress in developing intrusion prevention capabilities for MANET with the use of CBR interval. The proposed work can be performed by modifying ad-hoc on demand distance vector routing protocol. The simulation experiments are conducted on NS-2 environment in Linux platform.