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A Novel Approach to Troubleshoot Security Attacks in Local Area Networks


Y V Srinivasa Murthy, G Jagadish, K. Mrunalini, Kakarla Siva, P V V Satyanarayana, V Nikhil Raj Kumar


Vol. 11  No. 9  pp. 116-123


Many Software Industries today use huge number of computers to handle their projects in an effective way that is obviously connected in a dedicated Local Area Network, which is geographically less size. Connecting systems through LAN is very useful with respect to File Sharing, Common File Access, and Work Sharing etc.., but lack of standard LAN security. The difficulty for these systems is from the Deadly and Self ? Explicative WORMS. Worms are always likely to infect the systems in LAN. Unlike virus, worm spreads to all the systems connected in LAN within a very short period of time thereby making a huge loss to the Industry regarding its economy without the actual intervention of the user. The user doesn’t know even that some worm has taken control over the system. In order to provide security to the systems, there is need to detect a worm immediately, and stop the spread of that worm to other systems. Now we are detecting the worms by analyzing the probable paths where they tend to copy themselves. Hence a worm could be identified and deleted instantly. Even if the path the worm copies itself changes and can’t be traced, we detect it by capturing the content in packets flowing between the systems in the LAN using JPCAP. Ultimately the Infectious packets i.e., the packets which contain the worm or malicious data can be traced.


Local Area Networks, Computer Worm, Security in LAN, SNORT Rules, Intrusion Detection System