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Benefits of Honeypots in Education Sector


Ateeq Ahmad, Muhammad Ali, Jamshed Mustafa


Vol. 11  No. 10  pp. 24-28


Wealth of information elicited from multiple sources and stored in small hard-disk is a wonder of science but the flipside in its susceptibility to hacking therefore information security is a growing concern today for organizations and individuals alike. Leading to search for aggressive forms of defense and supplement the existing methods. One of the best possibly ensures is Honeypots. Honeypots are a creation of the IT security designed to attract troublemakers lurking about on the Internet. Honeypots used to identify the tools in their toolkit and provide vital information on current security threats, attacker tools, and attacker mentality. The purpose of this Article is to provide awareness in IT students and IT security professionals in terms of real-time security throughout the educational institutes and provides students with real-time security education. Now a day’s technology changes rapidly and due to communication delay’s the information about current tools in IT education can cause a major detriment to IT education. The research related to honeypot is still underway in the IT security Lab and conclusion of our research is to provide an effective educational resource and tool to help and solve the challenges in IT security education.


Honeypot, Benefits, Security Threats, Types of Honeypot, History