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Radio Resource Management in CDMA 4G Networks, Based on Mutual Frequency Assignment


Alam N. Shaikh, S. K. Bodhe


Vol. 11  No. 10  pp. 76-83


As 3G is launched and 4G is about to launch, there is incessant growth in number of mobile users. [1], [2].We telescope cell size to swell system capacity. Handoff rate is increased by contract cell size. To surmount these tribulations, mutual frequency assignment (MFA) is proposed. Because efficient use of radio resources is very important, utilization of all resources have to be maximized. Thus, in mutual frequency assignment, how to assign available radio resources to each user is significant question. Hitherto, several studies have been made on static radio resource management in CDMA. Nevertheless, in order to adapt to changes of traffic, it is necessary to consider adaptive radio resource management. Thus, in this study, we propose an adaptive radio resource management in CDMA. The performance of proposed scheme is evaluated by means of matlab simulation. The results show that proposed scheme improves call blocking, call dropping and utilization of radio resource compared with conventional schemes.


Mutual frequency Assignment, Common Frequency Assignment, FBRA, HCS