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Scheduling of Tour Guides for Tourism and Leisure Industry using Cellular Genetic algorithm


Moataz El Zoghby, Amr Badr, Abd El Fatah Hegazy


Vol. 11  No. 10  pp. 145-151


Many organizations in tourism and leisure industry arrange a lot of activities and provide some tour guides to lead tourists through the tour process in order to improve service quality. Better service quality needs an increase in the number of tour guides. On the other hand, increasing the number of tour guides result in more cost for these organization. In order to decrease costs, the organizations use a time-based system for paying salaries to personnel according to their service hours in recent years. Therefore, a schedule of tour guides is seriously needed with an objective of minimizing service hours and increasing the on-time service rates. In this paper, the cellular genetic algorithm is applied to schedule tour guides of services centres for tourism industry. Optimal parameters that produce the best performance are experimentally obtained. Our experiments reveal that cellular genetic algorithm is effective to schedule the tour guides of service centres. Beside, a penalty function is beneficial in increasing the on-time service rates of tourist orders.


Scheduling, Cellular, Genetic Algorithm