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Covert Channels:"" Emerged in mystery and departed in confusion""


Rajeswari Goudar, Sujata Edekar


Vol. 11  No. 11  pp. 34-37


Due to rapid change and development of network technology in the current changing business environment, there is an increased communication and exchange of information being carried over the internet, where we demand them for official and personal needs to communicate with customers or with employees of organizations, for money transactions, to retrieve information or shopping etc. The usages are endless and the security of our systems has to be increased and the security of our networks has slightly been enhanced, still lots of security problems exist, especially in enterprise and private networks. The encryption protects the information from unauthorized viewer, but the covert channel hides the existence of the communication where they are used for secret transfer of information on network. This can be a good thing if covert channels are used to protect privacy or increase security of precise data communication. Covert channels do not exist in practice and are not the part of any network protocol, where they take advantage of existing protocols to transfer the information like TCP/IP.


Covert Channel, network security, steganography, encryption