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Modeling Discretional Access Control in Automatic Teller Machine Using Denotational Mathematics


Rufai M. M., Adigun J. O., Yekini N. A.


Vol. 11  No. 11  pp. 58-64


In recent time different access control methods have been proposed to secure customers account from unauthorized access. To mention but a few are Signature Authentication, PIN identity, Biometric Access control etc. Experience has shown that a singular access control techniques is not sufficient to address access control problems. Each technique, as sophisticated as they are, has flaws or weaknesses. This paper presents the combination of Personal Identification Number (PIN) and the use of mobile phone in preventing unauthorized access to users account in an Automatic Teller Machine. A user with doubtful or suspicious access attempt is expected to additionally pass the Mobile Phone authorization test. With the mobile authorization test the security of an account is put in the hands of its owners. A review of the various security threats and abuses is done. The Discretional Access Control Techniques is explained. A model describing the combination of PIN and Mobile Phone Authorization as a discretional Access Control technique is designed using denotational mathematics.


ATM, Access Control, Discretional Access Control, Denotational Mathematics