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Meta Management - Virtual Organization: a new approach in the leadership and select qualified individuals for virtual organizations with an emphasis on the role of IT


Kiana kiani


Vol. 11  No. 11  pp. 65-74


Recent progress in the field of information technology taken have caused the emergence of a new form of organization called virtual organizations, these organizations as a new paradigm for competitive advantage organizational plan, and respond to e-commerce requirements have been crystallized . Virtual Organization Management, which is called meta-management, a systematic approach for taking advantage of a competitive economic advantage is a virtual organization. This article reviews the definitions, dimensions of virtual organizations, virtual organization features, the basic factors in the success of virtual teams and organizations, meta - management and requirements management in virtual organizations, selecting the right people for virtual organizations, led all comprehensive role for enabling IT organizations, virtual organizations, virtual role in the twenty-first century and eventually paid the sum and pay a conclusion.


Virtual organizations, virtual teams, leadership, selection, meta management