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Intelligent Device Independent UI Adaption for Heterogeneous Ubiquitous Environments


Qamas Gul Khan Safi, Tabassam Nawaz, Syed M. Adnan Shah, Toqeer Mahmood


Vol. 11  No. 11  pp. 75-79


Most of the available User Interfaces and web contents are designed for the desktop PC’s having large displays. It is tiresome to surf these large web pages on mobile devices with small screens. In this paper, we proposed and developed a novel server side XHTML, CSS based code which can be downloaded and attached to any of the existing web page. By applying this code, the original webpage makes itself to be adaptable to the heterogeneous mobile devices. It fit the webpage to the small screen of mobile devices having low resolution. Our designed code will improve the outlook and formation of an existing web page and split it into small and reasonably interrelated units. It will provide reasonable browsing experience to user’s of mobile devices in heterogeneous ubiquitous environments.


Interface, mobile devices, resolution, heterogeneous, ubiquitous