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Facial features detection using Eyes-Nose template


Emad Nikkhouy, Eimad Eldin Abdu Abusham


Vol. 11  No. 11  pp. 87-91


The researches on human face detection are playing an important role in the world of biometrics and several studies have been going on over the last decades. Face detection for human is very easy concept and with a glance, human can differentiate faces and non-faces, nevertheless face detection is very challenging when it comes to computers and digital world. The reason is faces have wide range of variability in size, texture, color and structure. There are numerous researches have been done in the field of face detection and some of them have been analyzed for functioning under dissimilar conditions such as facial expression, occlusion, illumination and head rotation. In this paper, a new proposed method has been implemented, the method use an unique template of eyes and nose for detection which makes our system fast, simple and suitable for real time face detection. The experiments conducted indicate that the proposed technique has inspiring performance compared to benchmark methods.


Image processing, correlation coefficient, viola-jones, template matching