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Video?Based License Plate Detection Algorithms


Hossam El-Din Moustafa, Shaima Abdel-Kader, Mohy Eldin A.Abo-Elsoud, Rasheed M.El-Awady


Vol. 11  No. 11  pp. 139-147


License plate detection and recognition system (LPDR) is applicable to wide range of uses such as highway toll collection, traffic management, and many more. One of the problems of this application is finding the position of license plate from cars because many cars have difference in uncertain positions of license plates and unclean license plates. The purpose of this paper is to assess the efficiency of simple algorithm, applied to find the position of license plates from a video frame. This research can detect a license plate from the front or the rear of a car. The suggested algorithm allows users to capture the picture from the video file and then to detect the license plate position of that video. The video captured by video camera will appear in the MPEG file format then its converted to avi file format to be suitable for Matlab. The presented algorithms were applied on Egyption car plates. The recognition rate was 96.345%.


License plate detection (LPD), license plate segmentation, license plate recognition (LPR), discrete cosine transforms (DCT). Vehicle license plate detection (VLP),motion picture experting group(MPEG)