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A Framework for Multimedia Data Hiding (Security)


Owoade A. Akeem, Onifade O. F. W, Okesola J. Olatunji, Abimbola B. Latifat


Vol. 11  No. 12  pp. 99-104


With the proliferation of multimedia data such as images, audio, and video, robust digital watermarking and data hiding techniques are needed for copyright protection, copy control, annotation, and authentication. While many techniques have been proposed for digital color and grayscale images, not all of them can be directly applied to binary document images. The difficulty lies in the fact that changing pixel values in a binary document could introduce Irregularities that is very visually noticeable. We have seen but limited number of papers proposing new techniques and ideas for document image watermarking and data hiding. In this paper, we present an overview and summary of recent developments on this important topic, and discuss important issues such as robustness and data hiding capacity of the different techniques.


Data hiding, watermarking, binary images, document images, authentication, copyright control