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A New Image Encryption Approach using Block-Based on Shifted Algorithm


Ahmed Bashir Abugharsa, Abd Samad Bin HasanBasari, Hamida Almangush


Vol. 11  No. 12  pp. 123-130


Security is the main concern in today's world. It is important to secure data from unauthorized access. Data encryption is often used to ensure security in open networks such as the internet. Each type of data has its own features therefore, different techniques should be used to protect confidential image data from unauthorized access. This paper proposes a new algorithm. The first part of the algorithm aims to build a shifted table using hash function within encryption phase and decryption phase to generate an encrypted (shifted) image and the original image. The second part of the algorithm uses the shifted table resulted from the first part of the algorithm to generate newly shifted image (Encrypted) in which the rows and the columns of the original image are shifted and followed by encryption technique to increase the security of the image encryption. This implies a high similarity and a good quality of the retrieved image compared to the original image. The results show that the correlation between image elements has been significantly decreased using the proposed technique, and higher entropy has been achieved. By using differential analysis, i.e., MAE, NPCR and UACR, a small change in the original image has resulted in a significant difference in the cipher-image. Therefore, the proposed scheme has a high capability to resist anti differential attacks.


Image encryption, Shifted Image, Image Entropy, Block Image Encryption, Correlation