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Silicon Carbide Merged PiN Shottkey [MPS] Diode Power Electronic Control Devices


Y.S. Ravikumar, K.S. Gurumurthy


Vol. 12  No. 1  pp. 88-93


Silicon carbide is a physically robust semiconductor whose crystal lattice is a cross between pure silicon and pure diamond. Silicon is the foundation of the modern microelectronics industry, and the most highly developed manufacturing technology in the history of mankind. Semiconducting diamond has electronic properties far superior to silicon, but, it has not been developed commercially, because its extreme material stability makes ordinary semiconductor fabrication techniques impractical. In this paper work, SiC is used for high temperature environments because of its high bandgap energy to create electron-hole (e-h) pairs in the material. The bandgap of SiC is about three times higher than silicon, but, since the e-h pair generation rate decreases exponentially with bandgap, the average density of e-h pairs in SiC at room temperature (the intrinsic carrier concentration) is sixteen orders-of-magnitude lower than silicon.


Silicon Carbide(SiC), Power Electronics Control Device, Wide bandgap semiconductors (WBS), Merged pin shottkey(MPS) diode