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Quality of Service in Mobile Adhoc Networks using Two Bandwidth Estimation Method in Optimized Link State Routing protocol


M.Pushpavalli, A.M.Natarajan


Vol. 12  No. 1  pp. 98-105


An adhoc network is a collection of mobile nodes connected by a wireless link, where each node acts as a router. In order to facilitate the communication within the network, a routing protocol is needed. Due to bandwidth constraint and dynamic topology of the mobile adhoc Networks supporting Quality of Service (QoS) is challenging ta sk. To have proper traffic management in mobile adhoc Networks, we should be able to effectively determine the available resources at our disposal. Therefore a Quality of service framework for mobile adhoc Networks should be equipped with reliable bandwidth estimation method. In this paper we have propose a two bandwidth estimation technique to calculate the available bandwidth. It uses twotechniques such as busy method and hello method. OLSR protocol is taken and the performance is analyzed based upon delay and throughput. The standard protocol OLSR is compared with modified OLSR protocol and it is found that the modified protocol due to two bandwidth estimation technique gives better performance than standard protocol.


Mobile adhoc networks, Two Bandwidth method,Quality of Service, OLSR, delay and throughput