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A Ticket Based Method for Obstructing Abuser in Anonymous Network


U.R.V.Nandhiny, M.B.Bose, R.Swathiramya, P.Elakiyaselvi, K.Lavanya, P.Yatheesha


Vol. 12  No. 1  pp. 159-164


The facility of hiding the client’s IP address from the server is provided by various anonymous networks similar to TOR and others. These networks provide a boon to users to access internet service privately by manipulating a series of routers to hide their IP address from the server. But this provision can be utilized both by the genuine users and misbehaving ones alike. The purpose of the facility provided by such kind of networks is being spoiled altogether by the miscreants. Due to this, the positive purpose of anonymous users. Because of this, the genuine accessibility of the behaving user’s remains deterred. To surmount this problem, we present credential system, in which servers can blacklist misbehaving users. This system is unique because of its ability to disconnect the accessibility, all on a sudden, as soon as the misbehaving users have been blacklisted. As such, this system is a step forward towards attaining maximum efficacy.


Credential system, Revocation, Ticket Method, Anonymous blacklisting, Privacy