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Complexity of Capacitated Vehicles Routing Problem Using Cellular Genetic Algorithms


Nora Salah Niazy, Amr Badr


Vol. 12  No. 2  pp. 5-11


(Cellular Genetic Algorithms) CGAs are a subclass of Genetic Algorithms (GAS) it enhanced the population diversity and exploration in which the tentative solutions thanks to the existence of small overlapped neighborhoods .It well suited for complex problems as one of structured algorithms .The study was conducted on the behavior of these algorithms has been Performed in terms of quality of solutions exist, at the time of implementation, And a number of function evaluations effort. We have chosen the benchmark Augerat et al. Set A, Augerat et al. Set B and Augerat et al. Set P to test (cellular genetic algorithm) And compared with some other GAS. We have deceived that CGAs are capable of Always find optimal to the problem in a few times and reasonable.


Vehicle routing problem, capacitated vehicles routing problem, bin packing problem, travelling salesman problem