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Intensive Bandwidth Request and Handling Design in PMP


Kuokkwee Wee, W.K. New, Y.Y Wee, Chee-Onn Wong


Vol. 12  No. 2  pp. 27-32


This paper carried out a study on the uplink bandwidth request and handling for different service classes in WiMAX. Real time Polling Service (rtPS) acquires uplink bandwidth through contention based and polling mechanism. Each of the rtPS service is polled by base station (BS) on a periodic basis. Long waiting in polling mechanism may delays packets transmission. In this paper, we observed that polling mechanism used by rtPS could be further improved. On top of that, bandwidth wastage is observed when a BS is allocating bandwidth in uplink transmission. Conversion from bandwidth request in byte to physical slot (PS) causes extra unused bandwidth been allocated. A more precise conversion from byte to PS could ease this problem. Thereby, this paper proposed a scheme to overcome these two problems. Two sub modules of the proposed scheme were introduced at BS and customer premise equipment (CPE) respectively. Through extensive simulations, results show that the proposed scheme improves the performance for both real time and non real time polling services.


Quality of service, bandwidth request, IEEE 802.16, WiMAX