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Control of QoE based on Algorithms for the Disposal of Packets concerned with Streaming Video in Wireless Networks


Paulo Bezerra, Adalberto Melo, Allan Costa, Carlos Quadros, Ant?nio Abel?m, Eduardo Cerqueira


Vol. 12  No. 2  pp. 58-65


Following decades of research, the multimedia networks remain a great challenge however, the modern multimedia wireless networks with video streaming and Internet Protocol voice, have been attracting special attention due to factors such as mobility and heterogeneity in the devices that are used, which can influence the quality of a user’s experience in a particular application or service. This article compares two algorithms for the disposal of packets in wireless networks based on the quality of the experience of the user with video applications when there is multimedia traffic congestion in the wireless networks and where the results obtained surpass those of the wireless networks which lack control of disposal.


Algorithms for the disposal of packets, Video Streaming, Wireless Networks, Quality of Experience