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Cybercrime: A threat to Network Security


Ammar Yassir, Smitha Nayak


Vol. 12  No. 2  pp. 84-88


This research paper discusses the issue of cyber crime in detail, including the types, methods and effects of cyber crimes on a network. In addition to this, the study explores network security in a holistic context, critically reviewing the effect and role of network security in reducing attacks in information systems that are connected to the internet. As, all this adversely affects the efficiency of information security of any kind of security that exists and is used in information systems. Since hackers and other offenders in the virtual world are trying to get the most reliable secret information at minimal cost through viruses and other forms of malicious soft-wares, then the problem of information security the desire to confuse the attacker: Service information security provides him with incorrect information the protection of computer information is trying to maximally isolate the database from outside tampering. In other words, the Internet is a large computer network, or a chain of computers that are connected together. This connectivity allows individuals to connect to countless other computers to gather and transmit information, messages, and data. Unfortunately, this connectivity also allows criminals to communicate with other criminals and with their victims.


Security, Network Security, Computer, Privacy, Cyber Crimes