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OSETA: Obedient Software for Electronic Trading using Agent Technology


Hany Anis Abdelgaffar, Amr Ibrahim, Abd Elwahab Ahmed


Vol. 12  No. 2  pp. 107-116


In the early 1990s, as the Internet became more commercialized, users aimed to participate in the World Wide Web (WWW). Electronic business (E-business) rapidly expanded primarily owing to the development of new networks, protocols, software, and specifications. By conducting E-business means extensive use of information technology (IT) in general and the Internet in particular. In this paper software agent technology is proposed for E-commerce business which deals with construction material searching and purchasing. The combination of Web services and agents enhances the adaptability aspect of the system and can create highly flexible and dynamic workflow systems. An adaptive workflow suggests achieving adaptability from a process, resource and task perspectives using both agents and Web Services. The flexible and adaptive workflow systems are the demand of today’s business environment which can support the different types of processes, activities and tasks. So, in that regard agents can provide a good solution to that problem. So, for that purpose agents are also introduced in the web service architecture to facilitate the E- commerce workflow process more efficient.


Agent Technology, E-Commerce, World Wide Web, Electronic Business, Automation