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Rules Generation from ERP Database: A Successful Implementation of Data Mining


Abdullah Saad Almalaise Alghamdi


Vol. 12  No. 3  pp. 21-29


An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications has been remarkably adopting during the current era. It has become an vital factor for the success of business organizations. This paper represents the efficient implementation of data mining techniques on ERP models and databases. ERP specially work on analyze the queries, issues and best use of organizational resources. While using ERP large amount of data having several attributes store in ERP databases. Those data associated with specially customer queries, company responses and other intra-departmental issues. Therefore the data mining can convert those data into extraction of new patterns and information which ultimately is for organizations’ benefits and growth. In this context the proposed model showed the best implementation of ERP module with providing extra efficiency using data mining implementation.


ERP, Data Mining Techniques, FP Growth Algorithm