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A Pragmatic Study on Different Stream Ciphers And On Different Flavors of RC4 Stream Cipher


Pardeep, Pushpendra Kumar Peteriya


Vol. 12  No. 3  pp. 37-42


This is an era of different kinds of computing (Cloud Computing, Distributed Computing, Grid Computing, Ubiquitous computing, etc). Undoubtedly, security is one of the important aspects in every kind of computing. Various cryptographic algorithms are used to secure the information over transmissions, in different aspects like: to restrict the unauthorized access, to ensure integrity, authentication etc. In this paper, different stream ciphers are discussed. Some flavors of RC4 stream cipher are discussed in detail because of its wide use in various standard Protocols (Secure Socket Layer (SSL), Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA), Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP), etc). Scopes of enhancement over RC4 are also discussed in the paper in different aspects.


Symmetric, Asymmetric, Stream Cipher