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Efficient Iris Biometrics Technique for Secure Distributed Systems


Ameer A. Mohammed Baqer, Suhas H. Patil


Vol. 12  No. 3  pp. 93-99


In recent years the need has grown for the use of distributed systems for use in different applications and this applications become used in many areas and as an example for the applications of distributed systems is the E-commerce transactions, E-commerce is a set of e-business such as sales, purchase or exchange of goods and this business is done through large computer networks (such as the Internet) hence, there is a growing need for a combination of legislation and technical solutions to globally secure customer privacy. Credit card fraud is one of the crimes especially when it is used for web-based transaction. In this paper, a technical solution using Efficient and fast Iris recognition method as an authentication technique is proposed for protecting identity theft in e-commerce transactions because Iris patterns are unique to an individual. Therefore, this research proposes a web-based architecture which uses a combination of Image Processing and secure transmission of customers Iris templates along with credit card details for decreasing credit card frauds over Internet.


iris recognition, biometric authentication, distributed system