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Wi-TCP: Performance Enhancement of TCP in Wireless Networks Using Window Management and Route Optimization Concept


Padma Bonde, Bhavana Jharia, A. K. Shrivastav


Vol. 12  No. 4  pp. 86-91


This paper proposes a Wi-TCP to improve the performance of traditional TCP in the scenario of frequent handoff in route optimized Mobile IP based network. Presented scheme does not require any modification in the route optimization as it simply exploits the optimized feature, and hence reduces packet loss during handoff. Authors believe that one can get improved performance during handoff by combining cross layer feedback at agent with optimized route. Also, this scheme evades ongoing data transmission during disconnection which results in avoiding network bandwidth wastage. In proposed scheme, agent informs the sender about the status of mobile host by sending EHO-ACK and EHC-ACK to avoid retransmissions during disconnection.


Exclusive Handover Acknowledgement (EHO-ACK), Exclusive Handover Completion Acknowledgement (EHC-ACK), Mobile Internet Protocol (MIP), Care-of-Address (COA), Home Agent (HA), Foreign Agent (FA), Mobile Host (MH),Route optimized Mobile IP(ROMIP)