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Roadmap FOR Establishing Interoperability of Heterogeneous Cellular Network Technologies


Hasni Neji, Ridha Bouallegue


Vol. 12  No. 4  pp. 92-103


The lack of interoperability between cellular access networks has long been a challenging burden, which telecommunication engineers and researchers are trying to overcome. In second generation networks for example, this problem lies in the lack of standardization. 3rd G networks is limited to a few operating modes using different radio transmission technologies that are not interoperable. 4G technology even being successful in its various trials cannot guarantee interoperability.The undertaken approach to overcome this issue within heterogeneous networks begins by establishing a holistic understanding of cellular communication, and proposing an Ontological approach that expresses the domain’s concepts, classes, and properties in a formal and unambiguous way. It begins by analyzing the structure of three different cellular technologies, and producing feature models. Lte-Advanced cellular network is the target of this ongoing analysis. The final objective sought is to build Ontology capable of providing a common view of cellular network technologies’ domain.


LTE-Advanced, Interoperability, Ontology, Feature modeling, UML