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A morpho-semantic preparation of the Arabic queries to improve the calculation of relevance in the IRS


Adil Enaanai, Aziz Sdigui Doukkali, El Habib Belahmer


Vol. 12  No. 4  pp. 104-108


In the information systems, the query’s expansion brings more benefices in the relevant documents extraction. However, the current expansion types are focused on the retrieve of the maximum of documents (reduce the silence). In Arabic, the queries are derived in many morphosemantical variants. Hence the diversity of the semantic interpretations that often creates a problem of ambiguity. Our objective is to prepare the Arabic request before its introduction to the document retrieval system. This type of preparation is based on pretreatment which makes morphological changes to the query by separating affixes of the words. Then, present all of morphosemantical derivatives as a first step to the lexical audit agent, and check the consistency between the words by the context parser. Finally we present a new method of semantic similarity based on the equivalence probability calculation between two words.


Relevance, Information research, Similarity, Semantic gene, Arab treatment