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Automated Detection of Retinal Blood Vessels in Diabetic Retinopathy Using Gabor Filter


Jaspreet Kaur, H.P.Sinha


Vol. 12  No. 4  pp. 109-115


Diabetes mellitus, a metabolic disorder, has become one of the rapidly increasing health threats both in India and worldwide. The complication of the diabetes associated to retina of the eye is diabetic retinopathy. A patient with the disease has to undergo periodic screening of eye. For the diagnosis, ophthalmologists use color retinal images of a patient acquired from digital fundus camera. The present study is aimed at developing an automatic system for the extraction of normal and abnormal features in color retinal images. Prolonged diabetes causes micro-vascular leakage and micro-vascular blockage within the retinal blood vessels. Filter based approach with a bank of Gabor filters is used to segment the vessels. The frequency and orientation of Gabor filter are tuned to match that of a part of vessel to be extracted in a green channel image. To classify the pixels into vessels and non vessels entropic thresholding based on gray level co-occurrence matrix is applied. The performance of the method is evaluated on two publicly available retinal databases with hand labeled ground truths.The performance of retinal vessels on drive database, sensitivity 86.4%, accompanied by specificity of 96%. While for STARE database proposed method sensitivity 85% and specificity 96%. The system could assist the ophthalmologists, to detect the signs of diabetic retinopathy in the early stage, for a better treatment plan and to improve the vision related quality of life.


Vessel segmentation, Gabor filter, Image Processing, Diabetic Retinopathy