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Proclivity of Mobility and Energy based Clustering schemes towards Load-balancing schemes in Wireless Ad-hoc Networks


Alok Misra, Antara Rakshit, Swati Jaiswal


Vol. 12  No. 4  pp. 121-125


In the field of mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs), clustering plays an important role in achieving the basic levels of system performance, such as throughput and delay, in the presence of both large number of communicating mobile terminals and any sort of mobility. A large variety of approaches for ad hoc clustering have been presented, whereby different approaches typically focus on different performance metrics. In our work, we study an energy and mobility aware clustering approach along with another load-balancing clustering approach. Whereby, we devise a term called Effective Residual Energy (E.R.E) that shows the inclination of both these approaches towards each other. We show that how our scheme adapts to the load-balancing features of CBRP without explicit location-based data and instead it directly takes the node’s range into consideration. Thereby, our proposed clustering scheme takes into consideration energy, mobility and load-balancing features all at the same time.


Proclivity of Clustering Schemes with energy conservation, Effective Residual Energy (E.R.E), Head Evaluation Parameter (H.E.P)