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Visual Cryptographic Steganography in Images


Neha Chhabra


Vol. 12  No. 4  pp. 126-131


In the multimedia steganocryptic system, the message will first be encrypted using public key encryption algorithm, and then this encrypted data will be hidden into an image file thus accomplishing both data encoding and hiding. The multimedia data will be used to provide the cover for the information. Visual steganography is one of the most secure forms of steganography available today. It is most commonly implemented in image files. However embedding data into image changes its color frequencies in a predictable way. To overcome this predictability, we propose the concept of multiple cryptography where the data will be encrypted into a cipher and the cipher will be hidden into a multimedia image file in encrypted format. We shall use traditional cryptographic techniques to achieve data encryption and visual steganography algorithms will be used to hide the encrypted data.


Cryptographic Steganography