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Detection and Prevention of Blackhole Attack in MANET Using ACO


Sowmya K.S, Rakesh T., Deepthi P Hudedagaddi


Vol. 12  No. 5  pp. 21-24


With the increase in use of MANETS, security has become an essential requirement to provide protected communication between mobile nodes. To overcome the challenges, there is a need to build a multifence security solution that achieves both broad protection and desirable network performance. MANETs are vulnerable to various attacks. Blackhole is one of the possible attacks. Black hole is a type of routing attack where a malicious node advertises itself as having the shortest path to all nodes in the environment by sending fake route reply. By doing this, the malicious node can deprive the traffic from the source node. It can be used as a denial-of-service attack where it can drop the packets later. In section 1, we have given introduction about MANET and brief description of attacks in MANET. Section 2 deals with background of Ant Colony Optimization(ACO). Section 3 tells about ANT NET, where ACO system and pseudocode of it has been proposed. The most important part of our paper is section 4 where we proposed a method to detect and prevent blackhole attacks by notifying other nodes in the network of the incident. Section 5 and 6 tells about applications and conclusion respectively. Our protocol not only prevents blackhole attack but consequently improves the overall performance of (normal) ACO in presence of black hole attack.


MANETs, ACO, Routing protocol, blackhole attack