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Energy Efficient QoS Routing in Multi-Sink Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks


Jayashree Agarkhed, G. S. Biradar, V. D. Mytri


Vol. 12  No. 5  pp. 25-31


In this paper we propose a multi-sink wireless sensor network architecture where the network is partitioned into clusters with multiple sinks to increase the manageability of the network and also to reduce the energy dissipation at each node. All the sources in a cluster were assigned to send the video and imaging data to the sink designated to that particular cluster in order to ensure efficient usage of the sensors and effective access to the gathered information. The proposed EEQR protocol ensures end-to-end delay requirement of real time data, as well as maximizes the throughput of non real-time data by transmitting the gathered data to the appropriate sink. Simulation results have demonstrated the effectiveness of our approach for different metrics.


Quality of service, Multimedia data, Wireless sensor network, Classifier, multi-sink