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Quantitative Evaluation of IS Applications


Abdullah M. Al-Faifi, Tariq Al-Naeem


Vol. 12  No. 5  pp. 39-50


The adoption and implementation of IS applications amongst organizations is becoming widely evident. Several organizations across the different industries are now embracing IS applications as a mean to remain competitive and efficient. Implementation of IS applications however requires huge IT investments, which constitute an extremely important part of the e-business suite in many organizations. There have been some earlier attempts by researchers to develop systematic and quantitative approaches and tools for the evaluation of the vendors in general, regardless of the nature of the system/application. In this paper will primarily focus on assessing and measuring the vendor by developing a quantitative model. A review will first need to be conducted to scan through the previous related literature in the area of the quantitative evaluation of information systems. A model was formulated for the quantitative evaluation for vendor selection using Analytical Hierarchal Process with expert choice. The paper is concluded by a survey with some local organizations in order to understand their adoption level of quantitative evaluation methods, and also to substantiate and validate the proposed model.


Analytical Hierarchal Process(AHP), IS application, Quantitative Evaluation, Vendor Selection