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Computer-Based Automated Voting Machine (AVM) for Elections in Nigeria


Yekini, N.A., Oyeyinka I. K., Oludipe O.O., Lawal O.N


Vol. 12  No. 5  pp. 57-62


Voting is very crucial to democracy, the trust that each vote is recorded and tallied with accuracy and impartiality is the foundation of genuine democracy. Nigeria returned to democratic rule in the year 1999. Ever since then the electioneering process especially voting has been manual. This manual method of voting is associated with one problem or the other which always resulted to post-election violence. The 2011 general election which was adjudged as most free and fair election since 1999 was characterized with post-election violence because some people believed the election was rigged in some area to favor the incumbent president. Authors of this paper collected some data on the conduct of 2011 general election from thousands of the eligible voters that voted in 2011 general election. Data collected was tabulated and analyze and it was discovered that Nigeria needs an alternative voting system that will automate the manual method of voting. This paper then proposed a computer-based e-voting system (Automated Voting Machine-AVM) for future election in Nigeria. The system imitates the automated teller machines (ATMs) used by financial institutions for financial transactions.


ATM(AutomatedTellerMachine), AVM (Automated Voting Machine), Democracy, DRE (Direct recording electronic voting), Paper based electronic voting