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Way to improve design Traffic in Distributed Systems


Ahmad Al Tarazi, Mohammed Al-rababah


Vol. 12  No. 5  pp. 73-76


The performance of a mobile network is considered in the context of the given parameters QoS (Quality of Service). A method of organizing a distributed control system based on agent-based technology. Based on the principles of technology overlay set of agents together in a distributed system of traffic engineering Modern computer systems are characterized by a sharp increase in traffic volume and the wide use of applications running in real-time multimedia applications, multicast applications. In this case there is a steady increase in the share multimedia traffic [1, 2, 3]. Each type of traffic has its own requirements for quality of service (QoS) [4]. Unlike the multimedia traffic data is transmitted, usually with non-uniform flux density, in batches, and arrive at unpredictable intervals. In this connection, the bandwidth used for multimedia traffic, should be protected from data traffic, and vice versa. One of the main objectives of the operation management of computer networks in the transmission of multimedia traffic is to organize an effective system of information delivery, which becomes especially important in distributed systems [5]. This task is carried out using the procedure of constructing the traffic (TE - Traffic Engineering) [6], whose main purpose is to provide a uniform network load. That is its main difference from the problem of optimal routing.


a mobile network, Quality of Service, TE-Traffic Engineering, traffic control agents