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Improvement of the CATV Coaxial Distribution System Parameters


Lidia Jordanova, Dobri Dobrev


Vol. 12  No. 5  pp. 123-130


The paper deals with coaxial part of HFC CATV system. System parameters determinative in obtaining the desired signal level, carrier-to-noise ratio and acceptable nonlinear distortions are considered. Formulae for the gain and the maximum number of RF amplifiers in the longest coaxial link are developed. A mathematical model of the return path channel is suggested with the noise-funneling effect being taken into consideration. Experimental and analytical results are shown that enable the engineer to determine the optimum operating level for a return path laser. A special attention is drawn to the design of the subscribers’ distribution network and to the equalization of the downstream and upstream signal levels in particular. Two methods to set and maintain the balance of the return path are described that make it possible for some of the signal characteristics to be monitored.


HFC CATV system, coaxial distribution network, forward and return path, noise and distortion, balancing the return path