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Evaluation on Low-Carbon Urban Construction Dominance Level in China


Zhitian Zhou, Duogui Yang, Lili Zhao


Vol. 12  No. 6  pp. 69-72


Development of low-carbon economy is an important means to combat climate changes,and city,as the center of economic society,is the place mostly hit by carbon emission.Thus construction of low-carbon city is of great significance for development of low-carbon economy and industrial structure adjustment in China.Based on review of available domestic and foreign low-carbon city researches and definitions,a feasible low-carbon index system composed of 3Ⅰ-level,11 Ⅱ-level and 28 Ⅲ-level indexes from the perspectives of low-carbon economic development,low-carbon social civilization and low-carbon resource environment is established.A quantitative model for low-carbon city evaluation is established through ANP,for the purpose of systematic study of complex dependence and feedback relationship in the system,and comprehensive evaluation of low-carbon development level in 10 cities of China in 2011 is proposed.


low-carbon city, index system, evaluation