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Rendering of Virtual Tours of Three Dimensional Model for Application in Higher Education


M.C.T.C. Jos? Luis Cendejas Valdez, Carlos Arturo Vega Lebrun, M.C. Omar Ordonez Toledo, M.T.I Heberto Ferreira Medina


Vol. 12  No. 6  pp. 116-121


This article proposes how to generate 3D virtual tours using the latest tools at the same time best practices and techniques in 3D rendering- tours oriented on its application in higher education are proposed. An analysis of the tools and techniques currently in use is required due to high demand in the construction of 3D virtual tours and its complexity, in which speed, complexity and the knowledge of these is crucial. It is a challenge for higher education training new generations of engineers in the use of these tools. Therefore, this article proposes the creation of best practices related to design, color, size and animation for the development of 3D tours that simulates phenomena related to specific topics grids of higher education institutions, in order to increase the competence and skills acquired in student learning.


3D Tours, rendering, computing processing