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A Requirements Elicitation and Analysis Aided by Text Mining


Clay Palmeira, Rafael Chaves, Hamilton Cavalcante, Eloi Favero


Vol. 12  No. 6  pp. 122-128


In Requirements Engineering the initial activities of elicitation and analysis are essential for software development. Achieving these requirements (and describing then in natural language), together with simple and rapid modeling (with enough degree of formality) are basic needs that influence the remaining stages of software development. In this paper, we provide an outline of proposal and means of validating an automatic extractor tagged text, called AutoMap, which is designed to generate concept maps on the CMapTools tool, for user requirements and described in natural language. The concept maps (CMs) are used as a modeling language requirement and have been evaluated with completeness and correctness in accordance with the requirements.


Extractor, maps, language, requirements, software