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Throughput Bounds for HTTP Services Over WiFi Networks


M. F. Caetano, P. Vieira, J. L. Bordim, P. S. Barreto


Vol. 12  No. 7  pp. 21-28


Access networks based on cooper cables are costly to build and maintain. For this reason, last-mile access networks based on wireless technologies are gaining considerable attention. Among the wireless technologies being employed, the IEEE802.11 (WiFi) is commonplace. In such scenarios it is important to have well defined mechanisms to better evaluate the underline traffic characteristics and overall system performance. Such understanding can help network designers to better estimate the resources needed to provide basic services with a reasonable level of quality (QoS). This task, however, has been shown to be non-trivial. The main contribution of this work is to present techniques than can be applied to estimate the throughput and the access pattern for fundamental services in the context of a WiFi based networks.


Wireless networks, IEEE 802.11, Throughput Estimation and Traffic Analysis