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A Secure Routing Cryptography Algorithm In Mobile Ad Hoc Network


Kim, Do-Moon


Vol. 12  No. 7  pp. 121-128


Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANET) infrastructure less network and no existence between connection nodes. Nodes forward data on behalf of each other in mobile ad hoc networks. In mobile ad hoc networks eavesdropper can easy to capture and analyze and data communication. To attention at very protocol design about secure routing in mobile ad hoc network, but some its attention to anonymous also these have not definition perfect of anonymity. Thus in this paper we present a novel anonymous secure routing scheme for mobile ad hoc networks. It’s satisfaction definition anonymity. Malicious intermediate nodes in MANETs are a threat concerning security as well as anonymity of exchanged information .In this protocol we try prevention attacks target to Anonymity and also we try prevention attacks sybil and attacks wormhole and attacks DOS. The proposed protocol is simulated in NS-2. Simulation results show that various design choices in anonymous routing indeed trade performance with anonymity protection. We conclude that extensive performance study is needed to evaluate the practicality of any enhancement of these proposed schemes and any new anonymous routing schemes.


Secure Routing Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, Anonymity, Cryptography, On-demand Routing, Pseudonmity