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Developing a Web-based GNH Survey Application and a Web Service for Identifying Missing Data Mechanism in Incomplete Survey Data


Sonam Tshering, Takeo Okazaki, Satoshi Endo


Vol. 12  No. 8  pp. 44-48


This paper proposes a web-based GNH survey application, capa-ble of identifying missing data mechanism which is crucial in effectively handling missing data in survey questionnaire. First, we’ve stated the rationale behind GNH survey briefly highlighting the concept and the birth of GNH. Second, we’ve described the present approach of conducting GNH survey with special emphasis on the problems associated with it. Third, we’ve shown our proposed GNH survey application, demonstrating how the problems of current approach can be rectified and improved upon. In addition, the issues of missing data in a database and as to how to handle it via a web service are also discussed and implemented. Finally, we’ve presented how a web service has been developed and integrated into GNH survey application.


GDP, GNH, survey, application, missing data mechanism, web services