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Carrying digital WaterMarking for Medical Imagesusing Mobile Devices


K. Ravali, P. Ashok Kumar, Srinivasulu Asadi


Vol. 12  No. 8  pp. 102-106


In medical facilities, mobile devices provide the medium for remote diagnosis and information retrieval. Mobile devices aid medical personnel by allowing them to access information ubiquitously. The medical doctor or radiologist may use his mobile device to view patient’s medical images. But security and privacy is the major issue for such type of remote diagnosis. The existing system does not support remote diagnosis over mobile communication network. Therefore, in the proposed system remote diagnosis is supported, where a doctor can verify the medical images in his mobile device, though he is far away from the patient. This Telemedicine application requires authentication for safe transmission. The Region of Interest (ROI) is the crucial part for accurate diagnosis and should not be disturbed. To overcome this problem, image segmentation is applied to select only the required portion of medical image and Digital Watermarking using Discrete Cosine Transform is applied to the medical images in the portions of Region of Non Interest (RONI). The mobile devices cannot store large image files and transmission requires more bandwidth. So compression is applied on the image that is to be transmitted.


Watermarking, Digital Watermarking, Telemedicine, Medical imaging, discrete cosine transform (DCT)