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Design and implementation of IIR Notch filter for removal of power line interference from noisy ECG signal


Ravi Kumar Chourasia, Ravindra Pratap Narwaria


Vol. 12  No. 9  pp. 70-74


In Digital signal processing , IIR notch filter used to remove an unknown noise component in ECG signal lying within a 60 Hz frequency range. This paper gives the design appropriate signal processing algorithms for the refinement of ECG signals so that their characteristics may be extracted: this involves the design of a digital filter for the elimination of the power line interference and determines the waveform characteristics (PR, QRS and ST intervals and PR and ST segments) of the available ECG recording. Comparison of these characteristics with those of normal ECG recordings provides a way of identifying problems with the human cardiovascular system.


ECG signals, Infinite Impulse Response (IIR) Notch Filter.