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Securing Human Life By Fatigue Detection During Driving


Engr. Muhammad Jibran, Engr. M. Fahad Khan


Vol. 12  No. 9  pp. 75-83


Traffic accidents are mainly caused by driver inattention. Physiologica and bahavioral elements need to be measured in order to detect the drivers inattention. Different approaches have been made, and among them Computer Vision has the potential of monitoring the person behind the wheel without interfering with his driving. A computer vision system for driving monitoring uses face location and tracking as the first processing stage. On the next stage the different facial features are extracted and tracked for monitoring the driver’s vigilance. In this thesis I have developed a system that can monitor the alertness of drivers in order to prevent people from falling asleep at the wheel. The other main aim of this algorithm is to have efficient performance on low quality webcam and without the use of infrared light which is harmful for the human eye. Motor vehicle accidents cause injury and death, and this system will help to decrease the amount of crashes due to fatigued drivers. The proposed algorithm will work in three main stages. In first stage the face of the driver is detected and tracked. In the second stage the facial features are extracted for further processing. In last stage the most crucial parameter is monitored which is eye’s status. In this last stage it is determined that whether the eyes are closed or open. On the basis of this result the warning is issued to the driver to take a break.