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Prevention of Shared Root Node Attack in MAODV


P.Ramesh, M.Sailaja,S.Koteswararao,V.Rajesh


Vol. 12  No. 9  pp. 91-95


In MANETs, most of the research work carried out till now has not widely addressed the security of Mobile Ad hoc Distance Vector protocol (MAODV). In the existing multicast routing protocols maintenance of the multicast structure is very difficult due to mobility where path breakage occurs very frequently. Hence this protocol require periodic or event driven control packet updates for each member in the multicast group in order to maintain the multicast structure e.g., membership information, routes etc. This protocol works effectively with small-scale multicast groups they suffer from severe communication overhead caused by control packet floods (e.g., Join Query or Request packet flooding in MAODV) in a large-scale network with a large number of multicast groups. Such overhead would be unsustainable in a battle field scenario with multicast group consisting of dozens of teams where each team includes hundreds of units.