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A New Mobility Model for Multimedia Networks


Munish Kumar, Z. A. Jaffery, Moinuddin


Vol. 12  No. 9  pp. 107-112


Mobile IP is the current standard proposed by IETF for mobility management in IP networks. Its importance increases if network is supporting multimedia applications. Mobile node communicates with a static Correspondent Node. The main consideration is when Mobile Node and Correspondent Node both are visiting beyond their home networks and changing their network. For real time applications it needs faster reestablishment of a broken connection due to change of network. The proposed model works after changing the address of a node due to change of network. It differentiates between the initial establishment and intermediate reestablishment of communication between mobile node and correspondent node in lesser steps than 3RP[1,2]. The proposed model will be efficient if nodes are changing their networks frequently due to high mobility of the nodes and will cause less loss of packet and faster handoff. This model will also help in better utilization of available bandwidth which is a sensitive parameter in mobile multimedia networks.


Mobility, Correspondent node, 3RP