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Computer Aided Multi-Parameter Extraction System to Aid Early Detection of Skin Cancer Melanoma


Ruksar Fatima, Mohammed Zafar Ali Khan, A. Govardhan, Kashyap D Dhruve


Vol. 12  No. 10  pp. 74-86


Melanoma is the most widely occurring and life threatening form of skin cancer. Early detection of in situ melanoma has challenged researchers for many decades now. Currently there exists no computer aided mechanisms to accurately detect early melanoma. The currently existing computer aided diagnostics mechanisms are capable of melanoma classification and are unable to detect in situ melanoma. This paper introduces a Multi Parameter Extraction and Classification System (MPECS) to aid early detection of skin cancer melanoma. The MPECS defines the skin lesion images in terms of characteristic parameters which are further used for classification. In this paper the extraction of 21 parameters is achieved using a six phase approach. The parameters extracted are analyzed using statistical methods. It is clear from the results obtained that no single parameter can affirm the detection of in situ melanoma, hence an advanced analysis mechanisms considering all the parameters need to be adopted to effectively detect melanoma in its initial stages.


Skin Cancer, Melanoma, Early Detection, In Situ Melanoma, MPECS , Multi Parameter Extraction, Classification, Computer Aided Diagnostics, Image Processing, Skin Lesions. Feature Extraction.