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Some Proposed Standard Models for Bangla Dictionary Entries of Bangla Morphemes for Universal Networking Language


Zakir Hossain, Shahid Al Noor, Muhammad Firoz Mridha


Vol. 12  No. 11  pp. 64-69


The Universal Networking Language (UNL) is a world wide generalizes form of human interactive language in a machine independent digital platform for defining, recapitulating, amending, storing and dissipating knowledge or information among people of different affiliations. The theoretical and applied research associated with this interdisciplinary endeavor facilitates in a number of practical applications in most domains of human activities such as creating globalization trends of markets or geopolitical interdependence among nations. In our research work we are presenting a pioneer work that aims to contribute with Development of Models for Bangla Dictionary Entries and Analysis of Grammatical Attributes of Bangla words such as Bangla Roots, Krit Prottoy and Kria Bivokti which will help to create a doorway for converting the Bangla Sentence to UNL and vice versa and subside the barrier between Bangla to other languages.


Universal Networking Language (UNL), Morphology, Bangla roots, Krit Prottoy, Kria Bivokti, Model, Dictionary Entry, Morphological Rules